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Swamp Family Tea Cup and Cuddly Keychain Combo

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Product Description

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order a swamp family tea cup & gator keychain combo!

*****BPA FREE!!!!!!******

drink your favorite swampy beverage in this cute 16oz insulated lime green tumbler!

big enough to hold a large drink, but skinny enough to fit in all standard cup holders!  smaller at the bottom to help you grippy grippy your sippy sippies!

comes with flexible, reusable, non-breakable straw!  also the straw can be ‘folded down’ and covered to help keep the germs away and prevent your drink from spilling!
gator green color (no other colors available, sorry! i picked out this color special!)

can be used with hot or cold drinks!
please hand-wash only!  no microwave, no dishwasher!

now for a LIMITED TIME we have stuffed gator keychains!
a cuddly companion to travel the world with you so you can always have a comforting piece of the swamp family by your side! :3

a little over 4 inches tall on a STURDY silver lobster claw clasp!
wearing a black t-shirt that says ‘SWAMP FAMILY’ on it! 😀